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it's easy...

keep yourself & each other safe


be nice

don't touch others without their consent

respect the space

be present & judgement free

Keep your self and eachother safe

  • Don't run

  • Don't leave stuff where it could hurt someone

  • Stay home/wear a mask if you have any cold symptoms

  • Avoid bringing in common allergens like nuts.

Be nice

  • Treat others how you wish to be treated.

  • Intervene and have a talk when there is conflict

  • Be generous and compassionate with others

  • Respect the hard working volunteers that make this happen

Respect the space

  • our programs can succeed only by trusting our members and the community to care for and respect this space and its contents

  • Reduce waste & recycle

  • clean up after yourself

  • be gentle with the exhibits

  • let us know if something is broken or dangerous

Don't touch others without their consent

  • ask for permission before taking your turn, taking others' toys, taking someone's photo or joining a group.

  • don't touch other people's kids

  • don't let your kids touch other people

  • apologize when you mess up

  • don't take it personally

Be present & judgement free

  • embrace the opportunity to connect with your family and loved ones

  • avoid jumping to conclusions or making judgements about others.

  • a conversation with a stranger could change the course of your life forever


Privacy Rules

  • We will never give away or sell your personal information to any other entity.

  • Please respect the privacy of other guests and do not share information about others without their consent.

  • Information given by teens ages 13-17 enrolled in EDUclubs or mentorship programs is confidential and will not be shared with parents or caregivers unless the information proves an immediate threat to the safety of the person or anyone else.

  • We may ask to photograph you or your family while you are here. We will ask for permission first.

  • Do not take photos of other people without their permission.

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