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Whatcom Neurodivergent Collective

Next Meeting: Sunday January 7, 2024 6:30-8:00p


Whatcom Neurodivergent Collective is a group focused on intersectional neurodiversity activism and neurodivergent community-building in Whatcom County. Currently meetings at ICS are focused on putting time towards both supportive discussions about neurodivergent experiences and group planning. The group makes decisions based on reaching a consensus, with feedback from others encouraged every step of the way. Neurotypicals who are willing to learn from and not speak over neurodivergent experiences are welcomed.

We do not allow people who are anti intersectionality, pro authoritarianism, or anti self diagnosis to participate in discussions, as these beliefs go against our core values of including all neurodivergent experiences.

The facilitator changes from session to session

Currently working on virtual access.

Facilitator: rotates

Recurs: Every first Sunday of the month.

RSVPs Help us plan for seating and give us a way to contact you in case of cancellations. 

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