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Whatcom Neurodivergent Collective

Next Meeting: Sunday June 2, 2024 6:30-8:00p


This is Whatcom Neurodivergent Collective’s 18+ casual support circle! We were formed out of a need for greater support networks towards neurodivergent adults. We discuss neurodivergent experiences, give each other advice, and connect over shared experiences.

Feel free to stop by, take a break from discussion, or leave at any time. Neurotypical allies, people without any diagnosis, and people who self-diagnose are all welcomed in this space.

Be sure to read the values and guidelines page before attending
The facilitator changes from session to session

Currently working on virtual access.

Facilitator: rotates

Recurs: Every first Sunday of the month.

Our group’s values include:

  • Support for intersectionality theory.

  • People’s right to informed self-diagnosis and self-help.

  • The belief that bigotry operates on systemic levels and must be worked against.


Group Guidelines


  • Please provide content warnings before sharing any content that could be triggering to people in recovery. 

  • Feel free to take a break or walk out at any time.

  • Follow Inner Child Studio’s guidelines: keep yourself and each other safe, be nice, respect the space, consent is key, be present and judgment free.

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