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Dear families and friends, Inner Child Studio  is sad to announce the closing of our Community Center at the end of August 2024.  We will maintain our non-profit status and dedication to our community.

Even though this was my dream since I was a child, due to my failing health, losing my husband and dad, and the lack of business in the summer, I am unable to remain running a physical space.

After summer, we look forward to doing afterschool programs in Bellingham School District, planning our new TweenVentures Program with a Grant from Whatcom Community Foundation, and supplying the city with fun and educational play for years to come.

What has been canceled: All Summer Camps and Childcare, Supporting Membership Subscriptions

What will continue until August 30:  Open SessionsBirthdays, Meetups, Groups, Playroom Bookings, Private Childcare, Private Rentals.

I will miss the kids the most. Youth remind me of what is important in the world, keep me grounded, and positive for the future.  I am available for private childcare so I can hopefully keep seeing my kiddos!

I want to thank everyone who has stood by my side through the most rewarding, challenging, and satisfying work I've ever had the privilege of doing. I can end this phase of my life with my head held high. People have connected, learned, grown, and had a TON OF FUN because of me.  Most humans will never take a dream this far - I really hope you aren't one of them.  If I can fail and be happy, so can you. Never forget your passions are what make you more than just a human - that is what makes you a real person, and the world needs you.

All Love, for All Time,

Rei (Rachel)

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