• Small exhibits separated from others to allow for private play.

  • Experience new toys, games and interactions every week. 

  • Fit up to 4-5 people - great for a playdate!

  • Book a 60 minute session and play with your kids or take advantage of our wi-fi and get some work or relaxation done.


  • Small workspaces separated from others to allow for private study or work.

  • Desk, chair, wifi, and coffee included.

  • Ages 13-17 can be dropped off.

  • Share a pod for extra savings.

Open Play

  • Open Play for all ages with something for everyone

  • A chance to practice social etiquette 

  • Separated exhibits and limited capacities to keep you safe

  • Variety of exhibits to keep you exploring

  • Special Themes like Water Play, Fort Building, Art & Crafting, LEGO, STEM, and more.

Special Events

  • Something for everyone

  • Special focuses on art, STEM, families, adults, games, LGBTQ+

  • Limited capacities for safety

Classes & Workshops

  • Small class sizes

  • Community members are invited to teach classes and share their skills

  • All registrations can be done easily online

Meetups and Groups

  • Meetups are when any group of people with similar interests gather to socialize and engage in activities.

  • Groups are when people get together to talk, support, and share with each other.

  • A variety of rooms and facilities to fit your needs.

  • Special Meetups where you can let your kids play while you meet.

Rental Facilites

  • Our space will be designed for many uses, so other organizations can have events in our space. An affordable location for events has been very rare in Bellingham. We hope to bring more community run events to you by keeping rentals affordable.

Birthdays and Parties

  • Many options to choose from for your special celebration.

  • Birthdays with guided activities, company trainings and teamwork parties, and more

  • Add-On activities and amenities available


  • We want anyone who needs our services to be able to use them. If you need any help paying for sessions or classes, please let us know.  We also have resources for people who need computers or phones for work or school.


  • We are eager to form relationships with childcare co-ops, homeschoolers, education professionals, tutors, coaches, therapists, and anyone else with valuable skills wishing to contribute.

  • Partnerships with local organizations and business for fundraisers, skill training, employee bonding and teamwork events, rental space for meetings, and special sponsorships