What is a playPOD?

playPODs are private exhibits that you can rent for 50 minutes. The exhibits exist in a large room with other exhibits that will be in use. Exhibits are separated with barriers from other exhibits and the seating area.

How many people fit in a playPOD?

For most playPODs, 1 booking is for 4 human beings over age one (12 months). This can be: - 1 adult and 3 kids - 2 adults and 2 kids - 3 adults and 1 kid - 4 adults Feel free to share a booking with a friend, as long as you don't exceed 4 humans. Some special playPODs may accomodate more people. Please read the pod description for more

I or my child has special accomodations or needs

Please let us know anything important in the notes field during the checkout process or give us a call, e-mail, or chat message text.

Can I book more than one playPOD at a time?

If you have enough adults to properly stay with any kids under 13 in each playPOD, then yes.

Can I book multiple playPODs in a row?

Yes, just be sure to check out and check in to your new POD.

Can I share our playPOD with the people next to me/in other exhibits?

As long as everyone consents, you may play among other exhibits or invite others to play in yours.