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Specialized Tutoring

  • Childcare Circle

    Every month
    for childcare booking access
    • Book sessions by your schedule
    • Easy online booking
    • Cancel anytime
    • Book up to 10 days ahead
    • Book farther ahead of time (by request)
    • 3 Hour short notice available
    • For up to 2 kids
Learning is student-led, progressive and tailored to their learning style, interests, and passions.
Ways to access tutoring bookings:

1. Some tutoring sessions are available to the public with no membership.


2. Supporting members receive 6 free bookings (playroom, workstation, activities and tutoring), as well as 50% off all bookings.

3. A 3-month tutoring plan allows for 10 sessions to be booked at your convenience within a 3 month period. Good option if you are not interested in other program discounts.

Tutoring is all ages.

Check individual lesson listings to see age appropriate guidelines

Interested in a free consultation? 

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Current Curriculum

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