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coffee & tea service

play area (meetups)

tables and chairs 

games and activities (meetups)

what you request (as long as we have it)


Boulevard Room: 

  • 8 @ conference table

  • 15 theater style

Vista Room: 

  • Events limited to 50 people

  • Tons of possibilities for arranging furniture and chairs

  • 1125 square feet

Craft Room: 

  • 6 around a table

  • Sink and large worktables

All rooms ADA accessible


If you start a group or meetup under the ICS Name:

  • You are an amazing person

  • You agree we can post it as a group or meetup available for the public to join..

  • We ask your members to make a donation to help pay for the facilities and amenities at your disposal.


  • Meetups are when any group of people with similar interests gather to socialize and engage in activities.

  • A variety of rooms and facilities to fit your needs.

  • Special Meetups where you can let your kids play while you meet.


  • Groups are when a group of people with similar interests or experiences gather to talk, listen, and offer support to each other in a safe environment.

  • A variety of rooms and facilities to fit your needs.

Facilitators of meetups are responsible for:

- Developing their own meetup rules and guidelines for proper conduct

- Determining and enforcing their own mask and vaccination policies

- Maintaining contact lists and be the main contact for group information

- Being responsible for the space while in use

- Opening and closing/locking the center (after sufficient training)

- Not discriminate against any person based on race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, sexual identity, ability, or income level.

- A backup facilitator is recommended in case you can't make it to a meetup

- Promoting donations to ICS and collecting donations.


ICS is responsible for:

- Provided requested materials and equipment

- maintaining the heat, internet, electricity, exhibits, safety, and maintenance of the space

- holding insurance in case of personal injury

- posting, promoting, and collecting RSVPs on

Group or Meetup proposal form


Please fill out as completely as possible

Your Needs

All groups and meetups must be approved by the Board and fit within the missions and policies of all organizations involved. Please understand that we will do our best to accommodate your dates, but may not be able to fit your program into the current schedule.  We may ask you to delay it for a later session. The Board may also decide your proposal does not fit into the ICS Mission or conflicts with its values. 

You may not discriminate against any person based on gender identity, sex, sexual preferences, race, ethnicity, national origin, language, physical or mental abilities, socioeconomic status, or citizenship status.

Content must not promote, suggest, or imply violence or hate towards any individual person or group of people, 

Board has the right to remove classes from programming at any time.

Thank you for your proposal!

We will get in touch with you soon.

Are you as excited as we are?

715 W Orchard Dr. STE 2

Bellingham, WA 98225

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