Youtube can be a scary place for a parent, but Youtube can be another resource for your kids and yourself for expanding educational possibilities, sparking interest in a new subject, or diving deeper into your child's interests.  We have begun the grueling task of watching hundreds of Youtube videos in order to find the best, most interesting and educational videos for you and your family or classroom.

Our Official Youtube Channel has just started, and many many more video playlists are on their way.  We do not create these videos or create our own content. Please visit our channel and hit subscribe so you stay updated on new playlists and additions. 


Coming soon! We will be developing an incentive program for your family to earn prizes just by watching more educational content online. 

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Are the videos appropriate for my child?

Only you can determine if a video on our playlist is age appropriate. Some videos cover topics like racism, sexual assault, gender and sexuality, police violence, colonialism, etc. We believe no person is too young to learn about anything, so there is a wide array of video topics sorted by topic, like Natural Science, Design, Space, Technology, Health and Bodies, Society, and History.  Even though we have curated these videos to determine they are educational and come from reputable channels, we recommend watching these videos with your child. Not only will you learn something new, you will be spending educational time with your child.