25 tickets @ $20 ea = $500

-$50 [costs] = $450

30% of $450 = $135

per each occurrence of the event


Boulevard Room: 

  • 8 @ conference table

  • 15 theater style

Vista Room: 

  • Events limited to 25 people (for now)

  • Tons of possibilities for arranging furniture and chairs

  • 1125 square feet

Craft Room: 

  • 6 around a table

  • Sink and large worktables

All rooms ADA accessible


If you volunteer to host an event under the ICS Name:

  • You receive 25% back in donations given/ticket sales for your event (-costs) as an appreciation gift.

  • We handle all the marketing, processing of registration and taking of payments

These terms do not apply to fundraisers for outside organizations or collaboration events

All classes must be approved by the Board and fit within the missions and policies of all organizations involved.

If you have an event independently:

  • It is considered a "Facilities Rental". Your rental fee will be based on how much time and space you need for your event and estimated attendance.

  • You must handle your own registration, marketing, and accounting. You are responsible for paying all applicable state and federal taxes.

Event proposal form


Please fill out as completely as possible

Your Needs

All events must be approved by the Board and fit within the missions and policies of all organizations involved. Please understand that we will do our best to accommodate your dates, but may not be able to fit your program into the current schedule.  We may ask you to delay it for a later session. The Board may also decide your proposal does not fit into the ICS Mission or conflicts with its values. 

You may not discriminate against any person based on gender identity, sex, sexual preferences, race, ethnicity, nationality, language, physical or mental abilities, socioeconomic status, or citizenship status.

Content must not promote, suggest, or imply violence or hate towards any individual person or group of people, 

Board has the right to remove events from programming at any time.

Thank you for your proposal!

We will get in touch with you soon.

We're beaming with excitement!