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Drop off your kiddos @ ICS for educational play and fun!
Your $10 access fee gives you access to our member's only childcare booking page and special pricing. Current supporting members access for free. Click here to book
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Childcare Circle



Every month

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3 Hour short notice available

For up to 2 kids


mask policies are honored

I am introducing an invite-only beta program, meaning only families familiar with me and Inner Child Studio are invited to participate. Specialized childcare for up to 2 kiddos designed to enrich their home/school learning in general or in specific areas. This includes guided activities, playing games, reading books, singing songs, making stuff, moving our bodies, going on adventures, watching videos, and using toys to learn concepts in a semi-structured environment. I base curriculum and activities based on your kid's goals, passions, and capabilities.  Childcare for older kids may look more like tutoring or coaching.

I have a degree in American Cultural Studies and English. I have been working with kids and families since 2014. My favorite topics to teach with toys and games are fractions & math, philosophy, vocabulary/etymology, logic, writing/reading, poetry, sociology, natural sciences, visual design, art history, literature, history, and media studies.

I identify as Queer, Asian-American, disabled, and parent of a trans kid.

3x vaccinated


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