Have a lego fan in your life? Adult or kid, a Lego Party is a perfect way to ensure fun all around.

Lego Birthdays packages have everything you need for a party that will never be forgotten!

Package for 10 Individuals Includes:

  • 100 lbs of Lego Bricks and special table (2 hours of play)

  • A Lego Themed Cupcake for each guest 

  • Lego Themed Plates, cups, and napkins (you provide drink)

  • A Lego Goodie Bag/Box for Guests to bring home.

  • You can choose open play or guided build challenges


You Provide:

  • A location (your home or rented facility) with room for 6' Lego table and building surfaces.

  • Food and Drink


$200 USD for group of 10, additional guests $15 each.

Contact us for available dates. All payments tax deductible.

Play with over 100 pounds of bricks!